May 16, 2011

The end of the beginning

I have often said that my church is my home and my family. I love my church so much. But change is in the air.

We have been gradually getting smaller, and while the core group is still here there is little else. Slowly different ministries had to stop as the number of people attending and the number of people able to run them dwindled to almost nothing. It got to a point where we were all tired and spiritually/emotionally/physically exhausted.

When our minister left about a year ago some difficult decisions had to be made. After much discussion, meetings and prayer we have decided to close our church for now. We will be merging with another church near us; a bigger, vibrant church who have welcomed us with open arms.

Yesterday was the last service for our church. We had a big thanksgiving service to which we invited everyone who has ever had anything to do with St D's. It was beautiful. It was joyous. It was sad. Tears were shed.

But there is an air of hope again that has been missing for a while. The preacher used the quote that this is not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but rather the end of the beginning. We will still be sharing God's presence in our area, just a little differently. I have joined in a few things with our new church already, and have begun to make friendships (amazing to have girls my own age at church!).

Our first service together is next week. I am excited to meet together with my new family.


Rachel said...

What a huge step. I hope you really find your new family welcoming and loving in the same way. *hugs*

Katie said...

I hope this is a great community for you.