June 14, 2009

Church Family

I don't mind going to church at night. It is mainly made up of people my age. We chat about crazy things over supper. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed. The preacher doesn’t wear a tie.

I LOVE to go to church in the morning.
I love to walk in and hear the buzz of conversations around me.
I love to watch the children dodge around the seats and laugh at each other. The children range in age from 6 months to 12 years, but they know each other and the older ones watch out for the younger ones.
I love to look over at the area where the ‘oldies’ always sit. I may grieve that their number is lessening, but I am encouraged by their faithfulness through the years.
I love to watch the parents as they quieten their children next to them, and the way the husbands put their arms around their wives during the reading when they share the same Bible.
I love the way we know each other, how we have grown to care for each other.
At morning church I know what it means to be a part of Gods family. I know what it is to love sincerely and be loved in return. I watch the way people talk with one another after the service and I know they feel it too.

This is why I love to be part of an inter-generational church, why as long as the teaching is solid and true I will never want to leave, and if I have to move will seek out another 'morning' church. This is my family. I am constantly grateful that God saw fit to let me become a part of it.

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Laurie said...

That was a very sweet post and I feel exactly the same way about my church family! I continually thank God for leading me there.