About Erin

By day Erin teachers a class of preschoolers, by night she likes to create, write, read and dream.
Growing up as a missionary kid in Vanuatu gives her a unique lens through which she views the world. These days she finds herself in suburban Sydney.

A sinner saved by grace, writing is one way she tries to find the beauty in each day. And remind herself that Christ is her saviour who has already set her free from the ever present darkness to live life to the full. She is still trying to work out (or rather accept) what God's plan is for her life; and spends a lot of time on her knees with dreams in her heart.

Erin is happiest surrounded by close friends and family, especially if there is a baby she can steal kisses from. She enjoys experimenting with fabric, taking photos, baking cakes, and reading beautiful words. Erin likes to think she's bit bohemian, but is secretly afraid she's ridiculously normal. Please stay a while and join in the conversation.

A few of my favourite things? The colour purple and frangipani flowers. Hence the name :)