July 13, 2014


Hi everyone

As we know, I'm planning a wedding at the beginning of next year. That, along with all the normal life responsibilities, is keeping me very busy!
So I'm putting Purple Frangipani on hiatus for the next 6 months, while I concentrate on preparing for my marriage and all the amazing things I want to get made for the wedding.

I have lots of ideas for where I hope to take my blog and can't wait to show all the fun things I've been making for the wedding (but I don't want to show anything until the big day!).

Here's a little pic of some bunting I made for the engagement party to keep you interested.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2015 :)

May 25, 2014


There is a ring on my finger. A beautiful, unique, just-right-for-me ring. 
On my left ring finger. 
He got down in one knee and asked to put it there. 

I'm not use to wearing a ring there, so I play with it often. Twist it around, pull it half off and then push it back on. I get a silly grin on my face when I remember it is there, when I notice it again. 
Because it's not really about the ring. It's about all that the ring symbolizes and means. 

It means we've made a promise. It means we're crazy in love. It means we know we're better together than apart. It means we know God brought us together for a reason. It means we've promised to walk along side each other for the rest of our lives. It means in 223 days we will become our own family. 

That, that is a great thing! That is a beautiful, amazing, crazy, awe inspiring, thing. 

April 28, 2014

Currently 4

Chelsea Moon CD's I got for my birthday. Hymns reworked in folk/Indie ways are my favourite :)

Good things. I promise :)
But seriously I have enjoyed going across to the markets every few weekends and then spending A few hours on Saturday cutting up fruit and vegetables to freeze for the week ahead. A little bit of work for a week of easy, no prep healthy eating is so worth it.

Not much. Haven't gotten into any TV since the latest Block finished. But I have been seeing lots of movies lately (going to the movies is so much more fun with someone!)

Random bits and pieces. There doesn't seem to be a theme at the moment. If you are interested in early childhood pins you can head over to my early childhood pinterest account Erin@BareFootPlay which I update every now and then with things I love.

April 26, 2014


I laced up my joggers again. It's been so long since I put them on and attempted anything other than a walk.
My body is feeling it, I forget what it was like to run and now I have a stitch in my side, the burning at the back of my throat. In my mind I can run for hours, why doesn't my body agree?
Turn down the street. I forgot there were birds that swoop here. Opps.

There's more walking than jogging, and I know I don't look pretty. My face is bright red and blotchy.
But my body feels alive. The endorphins are kicking in and the delightful ache in my muscles mean I actually did something. I'll do it again tomorrow. Promise.