July 13, 2014


Hi everyone

As we know, I'm planning a wedding at the beginning of next year. That, along with all the normal life responsibilities, is keeping me very busy!
So I'm putting Purple Frangipani on hiatus for the next 6 months, while I concentrate on preparing for my marriage and all the amazing things I want to get made for the wedding.

I have lots of ideas for where I hope to take my blog and can't wait to show all the fun things I've been making for the wedding (but I don't want to show anything until the big day!).

Here's a little pic of some bunting I made for the engagement party to keep you interested.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2015 :)


Katie Lindsay said...

Ohh, but I'll miss you!
Can't wait to here about your wedding. Keep an eye on my blog if you're interested in word of my baby (due late September)
Enjoy your engagement.

Katie Lindsay said...

Are you married yet? I want to see pictures! Hope you're blissfully happy newlyweds

Erin said...

We did! Thanks for the nudge to get around to posting :)