May 25, 2014


There is a ring on my finger. A beautiful, unique, just-right-for-me ring. 
On my left ring finger. 
He got down in one knee and asked to put it there. 

I'm not use to wearing a ring there, so I play with it often. Twist it around, pull it half off and then push it back on. I get a silly grin on my face when I remember it is there, when I notice it again. 
Because it's not really about the ring. It's about all that the ring symbolizes and means. 

It means we've made a promise. It means we're crazy in love. It means we know we're better together than apart. It means we know God brought us together for a reason. It means we've promised to walk along side each other for the rest of our lives. It means in 223 days we will become our own family. 

That, that is a great thing! That is a beautiful, amazing, crazy, awe inspiring, thing. 

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Katie Lindsay said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I look forward to reading about your wedding plans. I wish you much happiness together.