May 31, 2015

New Possiblities

I might as well be honest and say Purple Frangipani won't be back anytime soon. However I haven't disappeared!

My friend Janice and I have launched Barefoot Play, a blog where we share unplugged nature full activities for early childhood, lots of ideas and inspiration for early childhood activities that help kids learn the best way possible. We sell some handmade toys and activities on Facebook and you can expect to see some e-resources soon too.

We have a Pintrest account, post on Instagram and share even more on Facebook - if you think this is something that will interest you please have a look!

If you are more interested in following my life - more similar to what I use to do on Purple Frangipani you can follow me on instagram; @ Love, Erin Faith


Katie Lindsay said...

I was about to say I'll miss you, then realised you posted this almost two months ago! Oops!
Hope life is treating you well.

Erin Faith said...

Thanks Katie - you too!