May 28, 2011


After a few false attempts I went to see the Babies movie.

It was so beautiful - I know not everyone would love 1 1/2 hours of watching babies move, think, interact but I was entranced from the beginning to the end.
Babies is a documentary that follows 4 babies around the world for the first year of their life.

It is a celebration of babies - how inquisitive they are, how much they see and understand. We watch as they explore their world and grow into little people. There is no commentry, just the babies from each country - you don't understand everything said but thats ok becasue the language of babies is universal.

I was fascinated to see the differences of each culture in their child rearing practises, but honestly what I came away with was the similarities all the cultures shared. All mothers love their babies and kiss and cuddle them, want the best for them. All babies put things in their mouth, babble, get frustrated, cry, laugh, are curious, get into mischief.

Watch the trailer, then try to go and see it (it's on very limted release). Or wait until it's in DVD and be captivated.

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