June 4, 2011

Live. Love. Be.

If you had read my blog from the beginning you'd know I tend to go in phases. I get caught up in a topic, or way of thinking and everything relates to that until I get bored ormove onto something else.

Going through the archives you could probably guess what blogs I was reading and was influenced by.
There was the creative sewing phase, the phase where I wrote alot about growing up as a missionary kid, the period when I was reading alot of quiverfull/patriarchal movement blogs, and as I moved into teaching I focused on early childhood. My feed reader changed as I moved between interests (obsessions?). Some blogs are still there even when I move onto new ideas, while others are deleted and I have to goggle phrases when I try to find something I remembered reading ages ago.

Looking back I realised alot of what I was trying to do with this blog was create community, to feel a part of something, to share with others. Each new 'phase' came from a need to be a part of  . . . something. I wanted to be part of something people noticed.
But lately, things are changing. I started working and my time to waste on the computer is a lot less than before. This year especially friendships are developing, and I'm feeling comfortable in my role. The change at church has developed into a beautiful community I love to be a part of; I head out to bible study 2 nights a week to learn and share and be part of a group. My health is at the best it has been in a long time (perhaps the best in my adult/teenage life).

Life, at the moment, is good.

I'm finally living my life outside of my room, beyond the computer screen.

Which means this blog has been neglected. Things I wanted to write about relate more to my life (when I just wrote for me, just to record things) didn't seem to fit with the direction I had been taking my blog.
So this is the post where I give notice. I might post often, I might not post at all. But that's ok, because I'm blogging without obligation. I'm writing because I love to write, because sometimes I think things and I want to record them somewhere. It's always possible that I will return again to a new phase as things change in my life.

Because I still am creative, I still think about my overseas upbringing, I still grapple with thoughts of faith, and I'm still excited by new ideas for helping children learn.

But for now, it's just me; living my life, sharing Love with those around me, being here now.

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