June 10, 2011


Who else has discovered Pintrest? I love it :)

It's similar to tumblr, but I never understood that, this is better. I 'get' Pintrest; it taps into two things I love - visual organisation.
You create boards which you then 'pin' pictures to from the net.

I use it as a mix of storing pictures I love (with the reference!);

as a scrapbook of ideas I want to keep track of (mainly lesson ideas or tutorials);

And as a bookmark keeper (becasue I have a huge folder full of bookmarks that I can't remember what they are - I need the visual reminder, lol).

I'm on Pintrest as FrangipaniDream (because PurpleFrangipani was just 1 character too long!). To make your own boards you need an 'invite', if you're dying for one (I went on the waiting list but gave up and luckly Joshua's fiance had a spare one she gave me) I have a couple left so let me know if you want one :)

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