January 13, 2014

What ever happened to predictability?

I was up early as I wanted to try and navigate the public transport system to get to a church I had been told about. I was very impressed that I managed to get 2 buses without much drama to get me to church by 9am. Whoo, go me.  

Church was nice, I even recognised a few of the songs which was lovely and enjoyed checking out an American church. Being a new person on my own makes me think about how I welcome new people into my church each week. 

The church just happened to be a block away from a certain terrace house I was planning to visit. Here it is! 

The house used in the opening credits of Full House! I had looked up the address on the internet but it was pretty easy to work out which was the house from all the 'No Trespasssing!' signs. Apparently people can be a bit too enthusiastic. I respectfully stayed on the other side of the street while going all fan girl :). 

I then walked part of the way back to the hotel loving the architecture and the warm weather. So many awesome buildings! 

In the afternoon I had planned to wander in the opposite direction of my hotel, but I only got as far as Pier 39. I spent ages looking in the different shops, a few of the are different to the ones in the rest of the wharf area (and some identical). 

While looking over at Alcatraz, I kept hearing this honking noise and followed it (and the crowds) to find masses  and masses of sea lions. They were all piled up on top of each other on barges, occasionally having pushing each other off the barge and honking at each other. 

Yummy Mexican dinner rounded off an awesome first day in San Fran. 

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