January 13, 2014


My flight to San Francisco was out of Seattle, a bit over 2 hour drive from Vancouver. We got up early to have a little bit of time there before my flight. 
Crossing the border was less of an ordeal going in the car, as I had previously crossed the border in LA    during transit I was only slightly interrogated. Apparently I rub my chin a lot when I'm nervous :). 

It was a bit drizzly when we arrived in Vancourver, and as we were driving around we discovered that Seattle was hosting a big football game that afternoon. There were people in jerseys everywhere and every store had supporters flags in the window. 

We parked near the Pike Place market and had a little look around. Amazing produces and cut flowers, but a lot of the stall had mass produced souvenirs rather than the individual artisan products I was hoping for. While looking around we spied an awesome looking umbrella store that sold nothing but umbrellas. So awesome! 

Apparently umbrellas are nessicary in Seattle as it started to rain harder and got incredibly windy. We went up the Columbia centre to the observatory deck and got some good views of the city before the rain set in. Hard. 

Back outside we were almost swept off our feet getting to the car. It was time to head to the airport and after a false start (we went to the wrong airport - long story. But luckily the right airport was only 10 minutes away) I said goodbye and headed off on my own for the rest of my adventure; 10 days in USA. 

The last thing Colin said to me was 'Don't forget to look left when you cross the road' which is good advice, I am still getting shocked when cars are on the 'wrong' side of the road. 

I am now happily situated in a hotel in San Francisco. I am literarily 30 second walk from Fisherman's Wharf, so am in walking distance to most of the attractions. After arriving I headed out of a quick walk before it got dark. I got a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge, wandered along the wharfs, had a bread bowl of clam chowder (apparently San Francisco is famous for this, was quite nice and pretty cheap), been astonished by all the homeless people and witnessed the line to get on to a cable car. 

I also spent several minutes trying to work out how the tap in the bathroom and the light in my room turned on. Seriously motels need to work on making things easier to understand. 

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