January 12, 2014

The last few days in Canada

The last few days in Vancourver it rained a lot. Not the misty rain we had at the beginning of my trip, but heavy, steady rain. 
It meant that several plans we had to explore outside were put off, instead we did a bit of cooking and hanging out with friends. 
We were going to ride bikes around Stanley park, in the middle of Vancouver City. Instead we drove around and jumped out between showers to see the sights and take photos. 

We also took Molly (their dog) for a walk along mudflats where herrons flew past. All around Colin and Evelyn's place I kept seeing fields of red. They are fields of blueberry bushes in the winter, where the red is the tops of their branches. 

I have loved my time in Canada. I did a whole heap of site seeing, but I also got to spend some more time with my friends, catching up after almost 2 years. It was great to see their lives here, and see what Canada is really like. 

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