January 14, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge

I had purchased hop-on-hop-off bus tickets back in Australia so used them today. First was the downtown tour that goes to all the tourist spots in the city part of sanfrancisco. Got a brief view of Lombard st but am planning to go back there later. Most other things were interesting but nothing particularly noteworthy. I do love seeing all the hilly streets, and being glad I'm not walking on them! 

I had booked my hotel so that it was a few minutes walk from the office of the bus company so after a quick stop to change shoes (which I was very thankful for later) I caught the next bus across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The driver suggested getting off at one side of the bridge and walking across and as it was such lovely weather I decided to do that and then catch the next bus that came through on the other side. 
It was great to walk across, crazy windy but amazing views. I love on holidays just taking your time and not having to worry about schedules.  I spent almost an hour walking across and took heaps of photos. I was incredibly thankful I had changed my shoes to joggers, after all the walking I ended up doing. I did however get a little sunburnt :( something I haven't had to worry about yet on my trip! 

After a rest in the afternoon I joined the night tour for views of the city at night. Very pretty, it included going down one of the steep hills, which is pretty hair raising when you are on the top of an open double decker bus! 

There are Australians everywhere. I am hearing way more Australian accents here than anywhere else I have been on the trip. 


Pamela McKean said...

Very brave to sit in the top of a double decker bus. I couldn't do that but I'm sure it was pretty! Who took your photo for you?

Erin said...

There are always people who are also taking photos, I just ask one of them :)