January 16, 2014

Cable Cars

I left the cable car for my last day, partly because I was a little scared  (this is the girl who utterly detests roller coasters) but also to have something special to do on my last day. I went early in the morning so that I could beat the crowds. It was a little nerve wracking, all those hills and nothing to stop you from sliding off. And the constant smell of burning wood which means the breaks are working is a little disconcerting. 
But it's actually fun, and everyone on board is happy and friendly, 90% are tourists so lots of photos are being taken. 

I caught the bus from union square to the painted ladies, took a bunch of photos. Met an Aussie couple and we traded taking photos. 

Caught the bus back to union square - I have been very impressed with the public transport in San Francisco. It goes along straight line normally and there is a stop every block. The buses have electronic boards out the front that display the next street coming up so that you always know where you are. You can pay $2 on the bus and get 90 minutes of as many rides as you want, or you can get a day pass and have unlimited rides each day on any type of public transport (including the cable cars). 

At union square I wandered around all the cool stores we don't have in Australia. 
Cable car back to wharf area with a stop at Lombard st, the crookedest street. Once again everyone driving down the street was clearly a tourist :). I don't think I would like to drive down it.    

I have absolutely adored my time in San Francisco. (Reminds me of the feeling I got in Barcelona on my after school trip). It is a gorgeous city and full of fun places to look around. Everyone kept commenting how amazing the weather was, warm and no fog at all, I think I really lucked out in that regard. I was however predisposed to love this city anyway (all those hours of watching Full House) but I was glad i enjoyed it as much as I anticipated. 
One thing that really surprised me all the homeless people, I was expecting that in LA but not here. It's very sad. 

Today I travelled down to Anaheim, and tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland!!! I'm so excited I'm pretty sure that you could hear my squeal from Australia :)

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