January 20, 2014

Disney Day 2

On Friday I decided to check out California Adventureland as I had a park hopper ticket and can move between the two parks. 
I went on the Ariel ride, I love the slow easy rides that retell the movies, sucker for nostalgia. 
As I went around Adventureland were too many rides that warned against motion sickness. If I was with someone I might have gone on some of the rides but being by on my own I really had no desire to feel sick by myself. 

I joined a group 'workshop' to learn how to draw Minnie Mouse which was fun. I then saw a musical spectacular based on Aladdin that was amazing! There were puppets for the animals and dancing and all the songs from the movie. 
By this time I had seen everything I had wanted to in Adventureland so I went back to the hotel for lunch and a sleep.
Disneyland again for the afternoon. The crowd here seemed to have doubled from yesterday and most rides had a wait of at least 30min or more. I did go on the Alice in Wonderland ride, but couldn't be bothered to wait for the other rides. 
Most weeks in the slow season Friday - Sunday have the parades and fireworks (not last weekend, thank goodness I wasn't here last week!) I saw the parade, I got a curb side seat and it filled up pretty quickly. So funny to watch all the pedestrians walk through the street and have the waiting crowds cheer and wave at them. Some of the little kids thought it was the best and would grin and wave. 
The parade was a bit of fun, after it was done I then found a spot to sit and wait for the fireworks. I was right in front of the Castle, best spot ever!

 The castle at night is pretty spectacular. The lights on the castle with the fireworks were amazing.

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