January 20, 2014

Disney Day 3

Saturday I woke up early to use the Magic Hour on my ticket. 
This turned out to be the best decision, even if getting out of bed was super hard. The park is open an hour early for selected people and so crowds are very reduced. It also means you are further into the park when the park officially opens so your lines are shorter in the rides further from the entrance. I was able to go on Mr toads ride, Dumbo flying elephants, Peter Pan, Storybook Land boats as well as Small World and Pirates again all before 10. 

There was a Tinkerbelle 10k run in the morning, that went through both parks before they opened. I saw them as I was walking to the park in the morning and then you saw people with medals and crazy costumes during the day in the park. I have to say the last thing I would want to do after a 10k would be walk through the park, but to each their own :). 

I watched the Rapunzel show and then did a wander through the Main Street which I hadn't done before. Found Goofy and Pluto to have photos with and then waited to see Princess Merida (Scottish princess from Brave). I was very impressed by the girl who played her, she was the best at staying in character I felt as well as having an awesome Scottish accent. 

In the afternoon I looked through Sleeping Beauty's castle.
A few times I went past the princesses castle again, but they always had the same princesses as there was on Thursday 'accepting visitors'. A little sad I didn't get to have photos with Belle or Jasmine (I really didn't hold any hope for Pocahontas) 
But I had fun looking through the different lands and soaking up the Disney atmosphere, as well as picking out a few gifts for some people back home. 
I caught part of the parade again, and then went across to Adventureland to be able to see the World of Colour display. I never used the fast pass ability on my ticket, if I'd realised how little space there was to see the World of Colour without a fast pass I might have tried to get a spot one day. There really was no good spots to see the world of colour without a fast pass, very different to the fireworks in Disneyland, I guess because it is a lot newer. 
When it was done I headed back to Disney, saw the fireworks again. 

And then that was the end of my Disneyland experience. It was  amazing! I am exhursted, and I don't think I have walked that much in 3 days in my life. Chances are it has been a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so I'm glad I got to do and see so much! 

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