March 16, 2013

The Point Preschool

There is a collection of preschools in Sydney whose websites I stalk regularly to see if there are any open days I can visit.
One of my favourite thing about the Early Childhood community is the willingness to share ideas and learn from each other. A good teacher is always wanting to learn, find new ways of doing things, discussing with other teachers how they do things.

When I saw that The Point Preschool was having a sustainability expo on I knew this would be a fantastic opportunity to check out the amazing things that they do.  My cousin is also an Early Childhood Teacher so we had a fun day out.

The Point Preschool is so beautiful - lots of natural elements, outdoor areas and child lead learning. I loved their outdoor space - it's on the smaller side, but with lots of little areas for the children to play, hide and explore. There was a sand pit with a natural teepee, a bush tucker garden and a veggie garden.

Inside there were several examples of how the children draw have developed ownership of the preschool, books the children have helped illustrate and write, self portraits, and lots of documentation.

I picked up a few different ideas that I will be taking back to my class to help with developing a high quality early childhood experience for my children. Visiting other high quality preschools always makes me really inspired and raring to get back to my classroom and try new things.

My dream is one day I will have a classroom that will inspire other early childhood teachers, and be able to give back to the community that is teaching me so much.

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