March 8, 2013

Baby Shower

My gorgeous friend is expecting her first baby in a few weeks. What better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous Baby Shower!

Since Pintrest has appeared those of us who like to be creative have stepped it up a notch with parties like baby showers. The amount of time one of us mentioned 'Got this idea from Pintrest' during the set up was slightly hilarious. We love Pintrest!

A range of people helped out making all the bits and pieces, so I can't take credit for all the things I posted here :). The shower had a book theme - which lead to a whole lot of cute food with book labels next to them.

I organised the 'Decoreate a Onesie' activity. I put out blank onesies, fabric paint, ribbon, fabric (with fusible webbing already attached), buttons. I had printed a few examples for people to use as inspiration if they would like but most people were really creative and came up their own original designs. There were some really lovely shirts and oneies for Janices baby (we know it's a girl) to wear at some day. I also included some tags for people to write their name on so they will know who created the outfit.

My favourite thing of all was the cake. Ages ago Janice sent me a photo of a cake which was a pile of books with a baby on top.

We tried to find a baby from a cake shop but it didn't work out, but I think this was better. Their nick name for the baby is 'little bird' so when I was trying to work out what to put as the names of the books we came up with the idea of doing a little time line of their life so far.

It is the first time I have covered a cake completely with fondant and was so so happy with how it turned out. (Except for the pages that were a bit messy but pretty good for a first try) It's a little hard to tell, but the cake ended up pretty big, almost 30cm long and 20cm high, 3 layers of yummy chocolate and vanilla cake goodness :)

The afternoon was lovely - so excited for Janice and was excited to be able to play a part in celebrating this new stage of her life!

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