February 10, 2013

5K - Done!

I did it! Today was the Color Run, so amazingly fun!

Yes, I just called a 5k run fun. Ok so I didn't run the whole way (Maybe half - hard to tell, took walking breaks). Considering the training I've been doing I really thought I would be able to run a lot more than I did, so was a little disapointed with myslef but my friend was awesome, stayed with me and patiently slowed to a walk when I couldn't go any further :).

At 4 points along the course there were 'colour stations' where you ran through and were pelted with powder colour. I would have loved a few more colour stations, as it would have kept the motivation up a bit - but at the end you all have little packets of colour and can throw them up in the air (or each other, haha), which gave you a few more colours to show off.

The end result was very colourful! Colour gets everywhere! My hair had crazy coloured splotches on it - luckily it all came out. Though not all the colour on my body washed off, have a few weird splotches that will take a few more showers to get rid of I think.

Totally going to do it again next year! And I think I might try and sign up for another 5k later in the year to try and keep up my motivation to train. But for now I'm going to have a long soak in the bath - my legs are SORE.

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Katie Lindsay said...

Congratulations! You did well!