October 21, 2012

The next big thing

Tomorrow I start a new chapter, leaving the work place I’ve been for 2 ½ years.
But still the thought of leaving all my kids and all the girls I work with was a really hard decision.

It’s hard because you get so attached to all these children, but you know no matter how much they you try to prepare them they won’t really understand. But in a few months if you visit many of the littlest ones won’t remember you.

They won’t come racing to the door calling “Erin, Erin!” when you arrive each morning. You won’t get crash tackled when you come back from lunch. They won’t come to you when something happened for a cuddle to make it all better.

Someone else gets to watch them make new steps, learn new skills, move onto bigger things.

It’s the life of an early childhood teacher. Each group of children is special, and each year they are new ones. And you find new children that take a place in your heart. But you don’t forget the old ones. And you always wonder what happened to them, how they are going.

 To say goodbye I made some special cookies for my kiddies. I can't help myself - I have to bake something :)



Katie Lindsay said...

Good luck at your new job!

Erin said...

Thanks Katie!

Katie Lindsay said...

How did your first week go?

Erin said...

It went really, really well - I'm loving it!