March 7, 2012

Returning to study

Sitting in front of my computer, books all around.

Oh yes, I remember this feeling. A number of words to write, a question to answer. Pushing the word count button every few minutes. Text books sitting around.

Only this time there is another book among the pile. A Holy book. A book with words that have eternal ramifications.

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And the questions I have been set to answer aren't just about showing I understood all the facts my lecturers told me.
They are asking about what I think about God and what I've learnt from God's word and how I would apply it to my life.

Which is scary. And liberating.

You mean, I get to have an opinion? You mean, my essay can be in first person? Suddenly it's not just about the marks (though I still want to do well). It's about learning, thinking deeply, understanding, questioning, and believing.

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