March 4, 2012

New Toy

I bought myself an early birthday present. Early because I will actually be away for my birthday (yay holidays!) and I wanted to practise a bit before I went away.

A phone pic which explains the weird lighting

It's a Canon 550D. Love it!
A digital SLR is something I've been eyeing off pretty much since they turned up on the market all those years ago - but when they first came out a basic one was several thousand. Not exactly in a schoolgirls price range! But one of the nice things is that technology just keeps getting cheaper and I decided it was a good time to try it out.

I have generally been more about the composition of photos - never really understood all the different settings (That was always my Dad's department) but with my whiz-bang new camera I decided I should try to learn and take full advantage of all the manual settings.

I discovered this blog while looking for SLR tips on Pintrest. Aimee is doing an amazing series of 'lessons' on using your DSLR. I have been playing around with Aperture (that's the first setting she talks about - haven't gotten any further yet!) and hope to post my experiments soon.

Until then, here is a picture I took today, nothing fancy, but had to post something!

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Katie said...

Exciting! My husband loves his, though it's a few years old now (he bought it before we went overseas in 2007)