March 11, 2012

My Weekend

  •  Set myself up at my spot at my park. No one ever seems to be there, I like it that way. There is shade and I can see water and I'm surrounded by trees. I forgot my phone in my car which was good because I wasn't tempted to facebook when I should be writing my paper.
  • My paper is developing but not as well as it should be. I'm wondering if the topic of Missonary Kids and re-entry is too personal to be able to write objectively - but it's too late to change now so I go ahead anyway.
  • I made choc-chip cookies and substituted the butter for cream cheese. Soo yum. Made it a bit more fudgey :)
  • Took those cookies to an outdoor Sydney Symphony concert with friends. Enjoyed it even though I'm not normally into classical music. There is something magical about music outside, under a night sky.

  • I experimented some more with my new camera. My friends husband showed me how to take cool photos at night by changing the shutter speed.
  • Once again I am the only single in a sea of couples. This feeling is getting old. I'm getting over it.
  • I lost track of the time while reading the Bible this morning and was almost late for church. I wonder if that is a valid excuse for being late? :)
  •  Last weekend I was recommended a book about prayer, which I bought and read through twice during the week. At different stages of reading it I felt it was amazingly insightful and other times I wondered if it was unbiblical. It is full of scribbles I have made in the margins. I lent it to a lovely wise older woman so she can read it and then I can ask for her opinion.
  • A card is passed to me from a friend. Open it in the car and smile at the sweet words.

  • Get full at lunch with Yum Cha. I like YumCha but am never brave enough to go without a friend who can speak cantonese.
  • Make a meal for a friend whose baby is now a week overdue. All week I keep expecting a text to say the baby has arrived, but she was still at church today, still very pregnant.
What was your weekend like?

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