August 29, 2011

Grand Designs

Mum and Dad were the ones that introduced me to Grand Designs. It's a UK show, that follows people as they build their dream home from beginning ideas to the finished building. It's quite interesting, watching the way people go about building a home.

My favourite ones, however, are the eco builds. Ones where the people build their houses with an emphasis on being sustainable, using ecologically responsible materials and methods. These houses also tend to be the ones where the owners get their hands dirty and do most of the work themselves.

Like the Woodlands Cottage - all handmade (even the wooden shingles!) by Ben Law, a woodsman.

Another one is an eco house made with old tires and recycled materials.

These ones are very inspiring. A large modern house is nice to look at, but nothing that I could really relate to. The idea of finding a small plot of land in the country and working together as a family to create a sustainable home really excites me.

Maybe one day :)


Colin and Evelyn said...

ahhh yes, that'd be the life!

Katie said...

Isn't Grand Designs fascinating?

I love your new banner/header/thingy at the top too!

Erin said...

Evelyn - totally, you guys can come out on a holiday and help me build it :)

Katie - thanks! I had fun making it, wanted something a bit more descriptive :)