August 28, 2011

Run Away

Ever feel like just packing things up and running away? Finding undiscovered paths, letting your soul find rest in a different place, learning to breathe again.

I feel like racing, running as fast as my feet will take me.

Then I get frustrated by the fact that some things can not be run from. They follow you wherever you go.

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Katie said...

*hugs* to you. I know the feeling, I think I've been having it periodically since late high school and I swear it only gets worse as I get older. Mine mostly relates to my career (or lack thereof) at the moment - I wish there was a (reasonable, practical) way to just remove myself from the whole issue, but then, wouldn't I just be giving up?
Anyway, tempting as it may be, we both know running isn't really an option, so breathe (and in your case, pray)
*hugs again*