December 11, 2008

The exception to the rule

I don’t like shopping.
I’ve never been the type of girl who loves to shop. Wandering around a florescent lighted building full of stuff I don’t need glaring at me is not my idea of fun. The whole experience tends to be exhausting and depressing (whether it’s Christmas or not). I tend to get overwhelmed within half an hour and leave.

The only exception to this is fabric stores. I will happily wander for hours amongst rows of printed cottons, satins, denims, flannel and everything in between. I will find a particular roll of fabric and suddenly my mind can see all the different possibilities for it.

I now have half a wardrobe full of gorgeous fabric, so I decided I’m not allowed to buy any fabric just because it’s nice. I’m only allowed to buy something if it’s for a specific project, and that doesn’t include anything for Purple Frangipani because I have more than enough for that.

This explains why I’m so proud of myself that I went to Spotlight twice on Tuesday, even with a 20% off voucher and didn’t buy anything for myself. (The first time was with Joshua to help him pick out fabric for a shirt he wants me to make him, and the second time was with a friend to help her pick out fabric for some bags I’m making for her to give as Christmas presents).

I was a little shocked that I actually managed to do it. It wasn’t easy. But I proved to myself I actually have some will power.

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Katie said...

I'm very impressed. I'm learning to do the same thing myself. I have more fabric than I am going to be able to sew in years, so I really don't need to buy any more without a specific purpose.