December 9, 2008

Toddler Rhymes

I always have heaps of projects going on in my mind. I'll remember one suddenly and it becomes an obsession to do lots of work on it, until the next project captures my attention.

Something I've been working on for several years is compileing a collection of simple finger rhymes/songs which you can use with toddlers and preschoolers to explain basic Biblical truths. It's actually hard to find good ones, either the songs are too long and complicated for this age group, or I just don't exactly like the wording.

So I decided to write a bunch of my own, hmm . . . easier said than done!

I'm not exactly musical so I wanted to base most of them on tunes children will already know (like twinkle twinkle little star, or incey wincy spider etc, etc). And it's so hard to try and write little verses without wanting to add too much information!

This is a little action rhyme I've done with my Sunday school children which they enjoyed, I wanted to give an overview of why the Bible is so important. The actions for each line are in italics

The Bible is Gods gift to me and you,

(Make hands into a book, then point to yourself, then others)

God wrote it so we know it's true.

(Motion writing, then point to brain, then gives thumbs up)

It tells how God's son Jesus came,

(Point to 'heaven', then mimic cradling a baby)

To make us friends with God again.

(outstretch arms -signifies the cross and also giving someone a hug;
point to 'heaven', then thumbs up)

This one doesn't have a tune, but after you say it a few times it develops a rhythm. What do you think?

I'd also love to do some which are straight Bible verses, because you can't improve on Gods word :).
Does anyone know of other good rhymes to do with toddlers?

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