December 11, 2008

Another world

Mad Hot Ballroom was on last night, a documentary about primary aged children in New York competing in a ballroom competition.

In one scene some of the girls (they looked about 11 or 12) were discussing what makes a good guy to have as a boyfriend.

"He shouldn't deal drugs," was the first criteria.

Well, yes, that's a good attribute to have . . .


Katie said...

It's frightening how young kids are discussing these things these days. When I was that age, it wouldn't have occurred to me that a potential future boyfriend could be a drug dealer!
In a recent class I taught, I had 8/9 year old boys discussing how *hot* various celebrities are!

Erin said...

I know! Some of the things that comoes out of young children's mouths these days shock me. I wish they could just be kids.