April 1, 2008

Easter Show

Easter time in Sydney to mean always means The Sydney Royal Easter Show.

I can take or leave the show bags, I don't like rides, the cars in the arena are not my cup of tea (the best was the year that they acted out The Man From Snowy River) and baby animals are cute but so much more fun when you have little people with you.

No, I go to the show for the arts and crafts. I love wandering the alsits and looking in the cases to see what talented people have created. It's one of the few places where the old fashioned handicrafts are appreciated in a mainstream place.

Here are a few of my favourites;

Arn't the tiny butterflies so sweet?

You'll only really appreciate this if you are Aussie, but it made me smile

Ooo - a tropical wedding cake! I think they need a few more frangipani's :)

And I have saved my favourite for last. Isn't it beautiful? A gorgeous hand embroidered dress, hat and shoes. I could see a little girl wearing it at her baptism.

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