March 26, 2008

Two and Twenty

I have taken my nose pin out. For people who don’t really know me they are always surprised when they find out I have one. I got it a few years ago when I was in England.
I think it partly was rebellion. It was me trying to say to people “See, you don’t really know me. There’s more to me than you think.” Which is really just a round about way of being a snob.
I told myself it was because of my fascination with India, cos I couldn’t dye my hair black without looking silly and sari’s were too expensive. It was a reminder to myself that I had India on my heart. And I was partly true.

I got it when I was 18. I turn 22 this week. I decided I needed to grow up a little.

22 is an awkward age. When you’re 20 or even 21, you can still act like a teenager. You can live without responsibilities. But when you’re 22 you really need to start facing life as an adult I think. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, be a bit more mature in the way you treat other people and plan what you do with your time. Which would be fine except I’m still studying; I still rely on my parents for most things.

But it could just be that I sit here and look at my calendar and the date leers out at me. My 12 year old self had big plans for her 22 year old self. Beautiful, wonderful plans.
I wonder what my 32 year old self will think about me now?


Rachael said...

I don't know about your 32 year old self but this 32 year old is rather encouraged by your maturity and your commitment to Christ.

Erin said...

:), thanks Rachael

Jess said...

26 was a similar thing for me... it sounded SO much older than 25.

Hang in there... there are a lot of weird ones, but as we grow in numerical age, we can also grow in wisdom so now I'm choosing to embrace that with each passing birthday instead of feeling weird about it.

This year, I'll be 29 for the first and only time. :) No residual "29's" for me. Hopefully the wisdom will keep coming as the birthdays undoubtedly will.

Blessings & Happy Birthday!