April 9, 2008


I was reading in the Good Weekend (Saturday's Paper) a short snippet of an article about setting up an craft room. It was only a few paragraphs but my mind already started to dance and plan and dream; I wouldn’t call it a craft room. It would be a creative room, a room in a house in my future somewhere. A room to love in and live in.

It would have a place for my sewing machine so I can have it set up without having to lug it around when I’m doing projects. It would have my easel permanently set up, with a huge canvas always ready to be worked on. Paints of all the possible colours right there to grab. Every piece of my craft supplies would have a place of their own.

There would be a huge useful box for children to dive into and create with. They would have so many beautiful supplies to work with and it wouldn’t matter if they made a mess, because you could just shut the door. There would be shelves for my books and a CD player to play praise worthy music. There would be a beautiful comfy lounge for climbing onto when it rains and snuggling up with an old quilt and reading stories and watching the rain drip down the windows. (I forgot to mention that there was a wall of windows for looking out over the back yard). There would be no TV.

One wall would have a huge notice board for putting up postcards from friends, and beautiful pictures from magazines, and lovely verses I’ve written up. And another wall would hold artworks children have made.

I had just finished planning my room, when I remembered that I am trying to limit the ‘stuff’ I have in my life. I remembered that I want to live a life that is looking outward, serving God with all I do. Is dreaming a room just for my family and I to create in, is that serving God? I believe that all good things come from God, even my insatiable appetite to create beautiful things. But shouldn’t I be reining that in some how, using it for Gods kingdom? I don’t even know if I’ll be living in Australia; have a house in suburbia (oh, blah, I hope not). If I can afford a house with a room just for creativity shouldn’t the money be used in a better way?

So, somehow I managed to turn a fleeting 2 minute day dream into a guilt trip. It did look beautiful though, in those two minutes.
(photos courtesy of sxc)

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