April 15, 2008


At the moment I feel like I have had theology over load (is that the right phrase?). I have been reading a few good books about different issues facing Christians (money, relationships also a biography of a convert from Judaism.). I just spent an intensive weekend camp studying evangelism. I listened to a talk on Biblical Womanhood in the car on the way to the camp. I came home and went to church where the speaker talked about God as our shield and our great reward. I checked my google reader and read blogs about being an example, not boasting in our own efforts and more.

I have so many different thoughts buzzing in my head that I can’t think anything clearly. My mind is blank and I struggle to try and form a solid idea about many of the things I learnt. All those things are great. I have been challenged, I have had my eyes opened, I have learnt many new and exciting things.

But after a time of feast, it is good to eat simply. After a time of so many ideas and teaching it is good to step back and just spend time with God. To concentrate on Him, and not on the 8 points of the talk this morning.

To be still and know that he is God.

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