January 19, 2008

The house Part 3

Today was a rather dismal day house-wise.

Joshua is still on holidays and Mum hurt her knee yesterday working on the house so it was just Dad and I.

By mid afternoon I was in a horrid mood. I'd spent the day scrubbing, yet the walls looked just as dirty as when I had started. My body ached all over. I was tired. It was raining and nothing dried. The rain made it hot and muggy. I was just a little bit upset that Josh was still on holidays while the rest of us were here working.

I tried to remember all the verses about being joyful always and giving thanks in all circumstances but as always, negative thoughts are so much easier to think. Why is that?

I want to be someone who is able to smile though the hard times, to be able to praise God no matter how I'm feeling. But what I think in theory never works out in practise.
(photo courtesy of stock.xchng)

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