January 26, 2008

Random thoughts on current events

The last few days have been a haze of packing, cleaning, unpacking and organising. Our house is starting to look like an actual home which is nice.

It is Australia Day today. Yay! I love being Aussie.

I have to work today (yuk) so I am missing our church's Australia Day BBQ, but I am wearing green and gold ribbons in my hair. I may have to wear a uniform but I can be a little patriotic.

How sad is it about Heath Ledger? I haven't seen any of his latest movies (not my sort of movies) but I loved 10 thing I hate about you when I was younger. I really don't think the US media/police has dwelt well with his death. His family found out through the radio rather than anyone ringing them - and they actually wheeled his body out the front door. All a bit awful really.

We have been watching the Australian Open the last few days. I was reminded that I should never go to a tennis match with my Mum (not that I think I'd ever go and see tennis live anyway). It was nerve racking enough watching a match on TV with her :)

We now live next to a family of 3 children. (their parents own the house we are staying in and so they have knocked down the fence between our backyards so the kids have a bigger backyard)
There is A a girl of 10, J a boy of 8 and W the gorgeous little toddler who is adorable beyond belief. I was a mothers help for them when W was first born so I have a soft spot for him. As such I expect I'll be mentioning them a bit from now on.

J loves skateboarding and loves to skate past our kitchen window early in the morning to see if Joshua wants to come out. W has started to copy J, he climbs onto a skate board and bounces his little legs on it to try and copy J. So cute!

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