January 18, 2008

And we're home!

13 hours of driving, 35 chapters of Pride and Prejudice, 12 wickets later and we're back in Sydney. I wish Brisbane wasn't so far away!
We went to Brisbane to see my 2 Aunties (Vivien and Robyn) and my cousin (Fiona) who recently moved back to Australia after living in England for a few years.
It was so wonderful to see them again and just spend time as family.

Robyn and I did a bit of stuff together including her taking me for my first pedicure. It was a bit weird having a stranger touch my feet but my toes looked so nice afterwards.

(Robyn's toes are the brown ones, mine are the pink ones)

The next day Robyn and I walked past a Hair dressing school and decided to go get our hair cut cos it was cheap :), so it actually turned out to be a bit of a beautifying holiday.

I love this photo of Fiona and Vivien - Mother and daughter wore matching outfits that day without realising it! Fiona wasn't quite as amused as the rest of us :)

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