January 10, 2008

The House - Part 2

Och. I ache.

For three days we have scrubbed, scraped, cleaned and painted alot of the house. It looks pretty good - ALOT better. I can actually start to picture myself living there quite happily.

We have scrubbed and painted the kitchen, got rid of the stove and got a new one in. My room has been cleaned and painted, the living/dinning rooms have been washed, scrapped and painted. (Please excuse the unglamorous clothing - but I got my clothes so covered in paint it's not funny)

My legs remind me every time I walk that I climbed up and down the ladder about 700 times, my arms actually have some muscles after reaching up to scrape and paint the ceiling all day and my back aches for some reason I'm not quite sure. But I really shouldn't complain because Dad and Josh did heaps more that me.

On Tuesday night we had a break to see the 20/20 cricket match between NSW and QLD. It was a pretty low scoring game, but that made it tight so the end was exciting. And I hadn't realised when we got the tickets that it was Glen McGrath's last game for NSW. I've missed watching him play for Australia so it was cool to see him play one more time. He got 1 wicket, 2 catches and a duck (Opps).

McGrath came and fielded right in front of us, but I couldn't get a pick when he turned around. And the reason NSW was wearing pink was for fundraising for the McGrath foundation for Breast cancer.

This is where we got up to with the house yesterday arvo.

That will be my room - I love that colour! And the room is huge compared to the one I'm in now, so I'm happy.
The living room. (Yes it's a bit bright isn't it? we were after a turquoise colour - but it will look better once we get furniture in, and were only there for six months then the house gets knocked down so I say get all the colour out of our system!)
This is the kitchen cupboards (they were covered with about a centimeter of dust, grease and grime - gross!) The colour was meant to be this nice sunny yellow, then when we painted it it looked cream and now 24 hours after drying it looks almost olive. So can not work that out at all)

And now I am taking a little bloggy break cos I'm off to Brisbane to see family - *smile*

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Anonymous said...

Lots of hard work! I like the paint colors you've chosen. Enjoy your break! :)