January 8, 2008

The House (Part 1)

Mum and Dad have bought a unit and Joshua and I are going to live in it this year. The problem is that there are people living in the unit until June. And we have to be out of the place we are in now by the end of January. That’s a 5 month window where we don’t have anywhere to live. Slight problem.

Fortunately friends of our (the family I use to nanny for) have bought a rundown, old house that they plan to knock down and rebuild. Why is this fortunate? Because they do not plan to knock it down in the next six months – we have a place to live! Praise God!

Unfortunately the house is a little run down.

Can you say renovators delight?
How about Extreme makeover necessary?
We have about a week to make this livable. Stay posted to see how we go . . .

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