November 14, 2007


Then I went into my exam. Have you ever had that dream where you go into an exam and realise you haven't studied for it at all? I haven't. I was always sure that I, the perfectionist, the list maker, the chart maker, the verging-on-OCD quadruple checker of all details would never EVER go into an exam I hadn't studied for.

Until today.

The last few days I have been studying diligently for Child Development. I had planned out answers, and written up quotes and worked out acronyms so I could remember all the confusing child psychologists names. I never really feel prepared for exams, but today I was pretty sure I would do okay, enough to pass at least. I found the room my exam was in, filed in with the 100 other students and sat down. I was glancing around trying to calm my nerves when I looked up at the board.

There in big black letters was Subject: Health in Early Childhood.

I'm sure my heart stopped beating for a whole 30 seconds.

"No, it's a mistake, they wrote the wrong thing on the board." Look down at the exam paper. Nope same thing there Health in Early Childhood
I was looking around at other people thinking "Doesn't anyone else realise that we have the wrong exam!!!" But apparently no. Everyone else was a calm as could be while I was on the verge of being sick.

After having a quiet little panic attack during reading time I realised there was nothing I could do about it, I'd just have to do the exam. So after a desperate cry for "Help!" to Him I settled down and started the exam for a subject that I hadn't looked at the books for over 3 weeks (I missed the last week of lectures to write an essay. I know it's bad but I promise to never do it again).

I'm actually amazed at how calm I was about it all. I can only believe that God got me through it. Of course now, at home while I write this I feel all sick and shaky, but a good night sleep should help.

And the moral of the story? From now on I will be even more OCD and quintuple check every single detail on my timetable.

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