November 9, 2007

Sewing Geek : )

Look what came today . . .

I did a happy dance in our unit when it came in the mail. I had been drooling over the patterns on Sense and Sensibility, finally I bought one and today it came!

So I'm a sewing geek, so what.

Now I can make gorgeous little dresses like this.

Images copyright and for Sensibility Patterns

The plan is to make ones for some of the babies being born next year (one of them has to be a girl) and also make some to start a shop on esty. Then I'll save up and buy some of the adult patterns.

It came just after I finnished my last essay, which was perfect timing; I wasn't distracted by opening it up and reading the instructions over and over. (Sewing geek - me. I know)
I had to go to uni to hand the essay in so I didn't pull out the pattern and fabric right away, which I think showed amazing self restraint.

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