October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Quiz Worx!

On the weekend I went to the Quiz Worx supporters evening.
Quiz Worx is a ministry that uses puppets to present the gospel to kids in a fun and understandable way.
Quiz Worx has been going for 10 years! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

The main guy at Quiz Worx is Matt (his puppet is Scruff -see right-). Matt's wife and I are good friends and I babysit their little boy (and also hopefully the little one on the way!). So I'm a little biased, but I think Quiz Worx is great. Kids love it when they visit their church or school (adults too!), they adore the puppets. Also kids really understand the Biblical concepts that Quiz Worx present. (besides presenting the gospel they also do shows about things like 'Why God lets bad things happen to Christians' and 'How the Holy Spirit is God in Us' so help build up kids who are already Christians)

Also Quiz Worx do a lot of stuff in the Outback, going to do shows in schools that are tiny (one school had 4 kids!) and have never heard the gospel before. It's a great witness that a Christian kids ministry is willing to go all over Australia, even where many other people don't.

May God bless them as they continue in their great work.

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