October 23, 2007

Lunch with Aunty Ness

Today I had a bit of spare time so I went and had lunch with Aunty Ness. I love my Aunty Ness, she is actually my great aunty - my Dad's aunty. She's 91 and her mind is just as active as ever. She is a bit frail, losing her hearing and sight but we still have such great conversations. We are true kindred spirits, Aunty Ness loves art, craft and writing. Her house is full of her beautiful paints of autumn leaves and old houses. She use to sew lots of cute little dolls. We have many conversations discussing the development of the stories that we are both writing.

She always loves me to come over and tell her whats going on in my life and loves it when I bring over a piece of craft I'm working on.

Aunty Ness has very strong views on certain subjects. I'll spare you her slightly prejudice opinions on a few things. Today we had a great talk about how fashion has become very unfeminine, which is something I have very strong views on as well. Being an artist, Aunty Ness tells me how all the different styles lead the eye and which is most flattering to the female form. Most things in style at the moment are not very flattering. I know that already, especially if you are struggling with your weight.

Lately I've stopped looking through the catalogues we get in the mail and keep with a simple style I trust; dainty tailored blouses and simple shirts, simple skirts and dresses. I feel so much prettier in them, they are modest and beautifully flattering.

The one thing that would make times with Aunty Ness so much better would be if she shared my faith. I always feel an aching sadness when I leave. I wish I had more courage to talk with Aunty Ness about it. I know other people in our family have, and the few times we've had spiritual conversations it's obvious she just doesn't seem to understand her need for grace. If you could pray for her, I'd appreciate it.

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