October 20, 2007

A bit crafty

I was going to post about how the jacaranda's are flowering, but I can't find the photos I took last year of the jacaranda tree near our old house anywhere. I hope I haven't deleted them.

Going through all my photos I came across these of T-shirts I made (okay, decorated) for a family that I nannied last year.

The green one was for the oldest a girl who is 9. I stenciled on the swirls and then cut the butterfly out of some pretty fabric I had around home. I then used fusible webbing to attach it to the shirt and blanket stitched around it.

For the middle child, a boy who was 7, I found a picture of a skateboarder on the internet, made a stencil and screen printed it. He loved it, he was always giving me heart attacks showing me the latest trick he had mastered on his skateboard.

And finally the baby. Cos the family have Scottish heritage I chose a little Scottie dog. I then sewed on the red ribbon (simple straight stitch) to add a bit of colour.

I wish I could show you the pic of them wearing their shirts but I don't have their Mum's permission so I'd better not. Just trust me that they looked Adorable!

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