January 11, 2014


After the day in Nanaimo we headed to friends in Parksville, a little costal town. 

We didn't do heaps here, relaxed and hung out. We walked along a rock filled beach, where instead of sand there were huge rocks pounded smooth. I climbed up on a bunch of huge rocks at the end of the beach with some of the girls. 

The family we stayed with were the most hospitable people I have met. They graciously welcomed 8 adults (including an Aussie they had never met), 2 babies and one toddler into their house without any qualms, and fed us all amazing food. Everything about their house was peaceful and relaxing, and you never felt like an intruder. I hope can be a host like that. 

Funny story; there were a few mix ups about 'the Aussie' that was coming along. I knew North Americans pronounce Erin and Aaron the same way (in Australia we emphasise the 'Ah' sound at the beginning on Aaron), as well as Eyrn being a male name, so the family we stayed with were expecting a guy and did a double take when I was introduced :)

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