January 9, 2014


Our first stop was at relatives house, in the outskirts of a place called Nanaimo.  
Their property has a river that runs through the edge of it. It's a big full river that is rushing past huge rocks.

 We went for a walk up stream and discovered all these rock pools full of ice. Everything was frozen, covered with a thin glitter. 

I can't explain the frozen beauty of the rocks and moss and leaves. I tried with the camera but I just couldn't quite capture the ice in the air, the crunch when we stepped, the puffs of white air when you breathed and the slickness underfoot. All the while you can hear the thunder of the water rushing past.

There is moss everywhere! On rocks, trees. It's soft to touch not slimy like moss in Australia. 

I have no concept of time here. At midday the sun is only about as far into the sky that the sun would be at 8 or 9 in the morning at home. It never gets overhead and it's messing with the way I instinctually measure the time of day. 

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Pamela McKean said...

Looks amazing, like the classic photos you see of Canada.