December 31, 2013

Frozen Soccer

Being Sunday, I went with Colin and Evelyn to their church. As it was between Christmas and New Years it was a different service. Everyone brought things for a 'pot luck' brunch and we discussed different questions about the year ahead around tables. There was everything from donuts, to Moroccan targine, to Korean noodles, to blueberry stuffed French toast. 

In the afternoon we headed back out to soccer. Their team had made it to the next round of a weekend tournament that they had entered. It was an indoor comp, but seeing as how we are in Canada their 'indoor sports' centre is actually the ice rink. The centre has 8 rinks, one of which has has the ice pulled up, rubber put down and then turf laid to create an indoor soccer field. It is surrounded by see through Perspex so we can sit on the benches and watch. Of course it is still connected to all the other ice rinks so it is rediculously cold. I was warned to rug up, and was given a few blankets to sit with. But still I was freezing. Thankfully it was only 40 min games and so I was able to go and thaw out in the warmer viewing area between games. (I may have stayed in that area for one of the games, helping to mind the babies). 

They won their first 3 games on Saturday. It was kinda fun watching, using the rink meant rules were changed a little; rebounds are still in, so you can kick at the wall to get it to a teammate. 

Unfortunately on Sunday they lost so there was no more games after that round. All the team (and a few extra) then went out for pizza. Apparently Australians do not like spicy food (this was from a discussion with the four Canadians who had lived in Australia). I tried to redeem my nation by eating as much of the spice as the rest of them, but the 'cactus sauce' they were all heaping on their chips was too much for me!


Pamela McKean said...

Was the indoor soccer (ice rink) colder than the outside temp?

Rob McKean said...

It must be freezing out there playing. They don't look like they have extra warm clothing. It's good to see you are making use of the warm clothing you took. Like the Canadian hoodie.