December 30, 2013

Burnaby Village

Colin and Evelyn live in the basement of Colin's parents house, he is one of 6 children and they are all home for Christmas. It is a fun, crazy, busy house where I am happily situated in the study on a mattress with a fish tank full of fish as my roommates. 

The house is always full of people doing different things, fulfilling my personal fantasy of being in a huge family. On my first day everyone congregated in the kitchen making crepes for breakfast. Colin's brothers family are currently living in Australia to study, thankfully their toddler also has an Australian accent or I would feel the odd one out :). We then headed off to soccer, where a lot of the family were in a tournament. (More on that later)

Colin is laid up with an injury, so during a break between games he and I went with extended family to see a little heritage village called Burnaby ( It's a cute little pioneer museum village, but at this time of year it is set up with amazing Christmas light displays. Because of this there are people doing demonstrations at each house or store, and it was free to wander around in the evening. 

(Eight maids a milkin' - from Partridge in a pear tree)

The highlight was defiantly riding the 101 year old carousel, which has a collection of the most gorgeous working wooden horses I have ever seen. My horse was called Firefly, and looked ready to jump off and gallop away, rather like in Mary Poppins, it was the fastest carousel I have ever experienced. 


Pamela McKean said...

What a great place! Love the fairy lights sounds like you're having fun!

Rob McKean said...

Definitely glad to see that you are defiantly having a good time.

Erin said...

I changed the spelling of that word 5 times! You know what I mean :).
And yes, I'm having fun.

Pamela McKean said...

The old schoolroom looks good I love the old desks!