August 11, 2013

Currently 2

Masterchef. It's no-commitment TV. So if I miss episodes no problem.

Too many things.

I've checked out Earth to Table a few times with friends. It's a café in Bondi that does all raw/paleo/vegan food. So amazingly delicious. Some of my favourites have been coconut yogurt with raw granola and also coconut and berry 'cheesecake'. And I always get a green smoothie.

I then tried my hand at raw 'baking' and made a lemon meringue tart. The one on the blog looked way better, but it tasted nice :) (The candied lemon is not part of the recipe, but it was so beige that I needed some kind of colour to finish it off. I can't work out how the lady in the original recipe got the yellow colour without egg yolks)

Making me happy
Going to see my friend and her baby. Kissable cheeks that I just can't get enough of.

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