April 16, 2013

Care package

A little care package I sent off to a friend whose husband is away doing his training for the Air force.
She had been sending off one to him each week, and I know she had been finding it hard at home so I thought she might like one as well :)

A little tricky to see but it included some magazines, chocolate, nail polish, cake-pop cook book and a small container full of verses.
It's still a bit weird for me to think I will have a friend in the armed forces - it had always been so far removed from my world. Makes me so much more aware of things going on in the world that could lead to a conflict that Australia may send soldiers to. 


Katie Lindsay said...

What a lovely idea! She's so lucky to have a friend like you!

lani.c said...

Feel so blessed to have you in my life xxx

Erin said...

Feel the same way about you :) Xx