January 26, 2013

Tiny hats

For something a bit more lighthearted :)

I've been enjoying crocheting in front of the tennis and cricket that plays at this time of year.

I discovered The Lovely Crow crochet patterns a while ago and then when I had a bit of Christmas money (and time) I decided to get a set of baby beanie patterns.

I love how quickly you are able to work each hat up, particularly as they are tiny baby hats :). I'm on my fourth (with a few false starts).

The My Angel Baby Cloche for a family at Mum and Dads church who just had a little girl. I love how dainty and vintage this pattern is!

And the Boot Scootn Cowboy Hat - because it is just so cute! Seriously I think I would melt if I saw that on a little baby, perfect for a photo shoot.

I really love The Lovely Crow patterns - they are a bit different to other stuff that is out there. Really cute and patterns. Written really clearly. Defiantly recommend them if you like to crochet!


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